How does it work?

It’s as easy as falling off a log… or a dock!

Book your pet portrait

Call or email me to choose a date for your Indigo Pet Photography session. Decide where you want the action to happen – at home or in a location near you that your dog knows well. If you’re coming up blank, we can go to a stunning vineyard location or another carefully selected spot for your fabulous session.

Now is the time to think ahead about how you will display your gorgeous images. Take a peek at my most popular products ›

Let the games begin

Don’t mind me, I’ll be doing whatever it takes to get the perfect portraits of your pet. If I make a lot of weird noises, roll around in the grass or smell like a liver treat don’t worry, it’s all in a day’s work.

Even I forget how silly I look when I’m doing it … because we’re all having a really good time with your furkids!

Break out the popcorn

It’s time for your Premiere!

I’ll welcome you to my home studio, which has lots of examples of ways for you to display your images in many sizes and finishes. This is your gallery Premiere and ordering appointment!

First we’ll go through a slide show of your images, then we’ll choose the ones you want to display on your walls and in what format. Can’t live without the rest? We’ll design a gorgeous story book album or story box or pick up some digitals. Add on an ice block for your desk or mantle and some gift prints. It’s the icing on the cake!

Some of our greatest treasures we place in museums.

Others we take for walks.

– Roger Caras


Indigo Pet Photography

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My philosophy is simple: catch and release. I'll catch your pet's awesome story in my camera and release it into stunning artwork and storybooks for you to treasure forever.

Pet photographer to dogs, cats and horses throughout Niagara, the GTA… and everywhere in between!

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