I hear what you’re saying…

My dog never sits like these dogs, can you photograph crazy?

I’d never be able to let my dog be off leash.

My dog’s nervous in new places /or with new people.

Fear not and read on! There are answers to these questions and more below!

Play with the slider on the photo to see a before and after – this gives you an idea of how I remove the leash and tidy up a portrait in the final edit for what appears to be a perfectly well behaved pup!

Final edit

My dog would never sit still

Some dogs are super high energy and busy. Some are easily distracted (can you say “squirrel!”). But here’s the good news, it’s not imperative that your dog sit still for longer than a split second! I have a super quick trigger finger and lots of techniques to draw your pet’s attention, even if it’s just for a split second – because that’s all I need to get a gorgeous portrait of your pup.

My dog is nervous of new people/situations

Sometimes we all need a moment to get our bearings and figure out new people! I get it. I’ll take as much time as they need to let dogs warm up to me and my camera. We’ll find a location that has few if any distractions, and they can have a good sniff (and likely a wee) before we start. We may even choose to hold the session at your home to ensure your pet’s comfort.

My dog can’t be off leash

That’s 100% okay! I can work with your dog on a leash to capture the images that your heart desires, then in photoshop I draw upon my editing skills to remove the leash. I have super long leashes that we can use to capture some awesome action sequences. Sometimes I use leashes to manage distracted dogs and keep them in place as well. So as you see, a leash is an asset not a draw back!

Can I be in some of the photos with my dog?

Absolutely! In fact I highly encourage it. A beautiful portrait with your pet, candid shots for a story book, or even images where you’re “in, but not in” the shots are a wonderful way to preserve your bond and keep the memories alive.

Do you sell digital files?

Yes, I do have digital packages. I also provide a matching sharing file for social media with every image purchased.

Do you have payment plans?

For your convenience I do offer payment plans. Get the portraits you want while making payments that suit your budget.

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