Who's behind Indigo

Nice to meet you! I’m Karen

I’m dog mom to 2 rescues dogs, Indiana Jones, a Jack Russell Terrier and Lucca, a Texas Mystery Mix. They are nuts and I adore them. I’m also a professional pet photographer, and the creator of the Winery Dogs of Ontario Calendar – clever me, combining two of my favourite things!

I love photographing dogs, horses and the people who are head over heels in love with them.

We share an incredible bond with our pets. They ground us, lift us up, and yup, sometimes they challenge us. They make us laugh, make us crazy and make us better people. And when they’re gone, they leave a cavernous, aching hole in our hearts.

I believe that having beautiful images on your wall that capture the essence of your heart dogs will bring you joy… today, tomorrow, and long after they have left you.

Indigo Pet Photography is based in Niagara, but I frequently travel to my clients, photographing horses and dogs in Halton, Guelph, Hamilton, Oakville, pretty much everywhere I’m needed. Anything is possible.

“Sometimes you never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss

A little about working with me

I have the experience, patience and skills to work with the wily, the distracted, the indifferent, the talkers, the goofballs, and the dreamers. In fact, most of the pets I photograph are anything but posers!

I use a leash to keep your dog in place – and safe – and remove leashes in post production, in any images purchased. I choose to work in locations that have few distractions and dogs to get comfortable with me and the environment in their own time.

Ultimately, I want your dog to have a good time! That’s how I capture the true spirit of your pup and deliver images you’ll be thrilled to hang on your walls. Ones that will make you glow inside every time you see them.

My clients aren’t looking for digitals that will get lost in the chaos of their hard drive. They want a lasting tribute that embodies the awesomeness of their best friend. They understand and are willing to invest in a memory that will endure, even if it means saving up to shine the spotlight the love of their life.

Did you know? 

Back in 2017 I started the “Winery Dogs of Ontario” calendar. It features the dogs of winemakers and vignerons at wineries in Ontario. Each year a portion of the proceeds are donated to an animal related charity.

In January 2020, during the devastating bushfires in Australia, with the help of friends, I created an international fundraiser called Paws for Oz. Collectively, Niagara’s wine community and pet photographers in Canada, the US and Australia, raised over $20,000 that went directly to help rehabilitate animals impacted by the bushfires in Victoria!

I’d love to know how I can help you!

International Pet Photographer of the Year Top 100 Action
Embark 2021 Get Down Winner
Top 10 winner on Hair of the Dog
Pro Member of the Pet Photographer's Club

Indigo Pet Photography

Mobile: 905.932.1042
29 Montebello Pl., St. Catharines

Our pets are changing every day, let's capture them in all their glory. I promise to show their spirit with expressive portraits and create custom artwork solutions to suit your vision – so you’ll always have those memories.

I specialize in photographing beloved dogs and equines throughout Niagara and beyond.