Special Pet's Alive Upgrade Offer

Special Upgrade Offer just for Pets Alive Contest winners:


For those who share an incredible bond with a pet, this is an opportunity to create images that capture the essence of the love you share..

Treasures that will stand the test of time.

Imagine walking into a room and seeing that gorgeous face looking back at you, whether he’s there to greet you in person or not.

This upgraded session is a longer custom experience. That means that we’ll plan your session in advance, choose a special location and incorporate any other family members you like!

niagara photographer wall art portrait of dog in living room

Special Session fee: $195 (regular $395)

In addition to your dog being featured on the Wall of Fame, and you receiving a matching print to the one of the Wall…

This includes:

  • A planning appointment to prep you and your pup, discuss the ideal location and date for your session, and I can answer all your questions
  • A fun, stress-free photo session for you and your best friend 
  • An in-person Premiere and Ordering Appointment, where you’ll get to see the beautiful images from your session, and you can purchase any that you fall in love with

What’s Not Included:

  • Photos taken during your session are not included (other than the 8×10 print that matches the one I choose for the Wall of Fame). At your Premiere and Ordering Appointment you’ll have the opportunity to purchase any images you fall in love with. I offer a stunning ways to display your images, including beautiful Wall Art and Storybooks.

Or call me at 905-932-1042 and be sure to mention you’re interested in upgrading your contest session when we speak!

niagara photographer wall art portrait of dog in living room
How much should I budget

This is a custom experience, so what you spend is entirely up to you. During your planning call I can answer questions you might have about which options would really sing in your home. Framed wall art options start at $645. Print collections start at $995. Typically my clients spend between $1500 and $3000 on their artwork. 

Can I be in some of the photos with my dog?

You sure can!

I’ll provide you with some tips for what to wear to your session that will photograph well. If you don’t want traditional portraits, we can do something candid, or photograph you “in but not in”, where you are in the background of an image but not the focus of it. It still shows the bond you share without forcing camera shy folks into the spotlight!

You can also even other pets who weren’t entered in the contest but rule the roost in your home.

Will my dog that won in the contest still be in the calendar?

Heck ya! Your winning pup will still have a special photograph for the calendar, but we’ll also have a longer, personally customized session to capture more of your fabulous fur friend as well as other family members if you like.

My dog is a nervous sort of pup

I have 10 years of understanding animal behaviour that I use to work with dogs that are nervous. When first meeting, I ignore my subject so that they have a chance to check me out before starting. Sometimes it take a little longer for them to feel okay with everything, but pet photography is all about patience.

A telephoto lens comes in handy to ensure your dog has personal space and we can work more candidly.

We can discuss this on our planning call, how to best approach the session and the degree of nerves your dog has. 

What if my dog won't stay put

That’s pretty common in my line of work! These sessions typically run from 60-90 minutes so that your pup can acclimate to the setting and learn what I’m asking for. We’ll take our time and have lots of breaks in between shots so that it stays fun.

At 90% of my sessions I use a leash to help keep your pup in place. I also have great treats and noises that I use to capture a moment in time. I only need a fraction of a second. We can discuss this on your planning call if you have concerns.

Karen is a true professional. The photos that she produces are just unbelievable. The way she works with dogs to get the best shots is really amazing.

She is so patient and knowledgeable during the process of picking artwork and what will fit best in your space. The whole experience Karen provides is beyond anything I ever expected and cannot recommend enough!

K. Hairlihovich

Hi! I'm Karen

Hi! I'm Karen

Creating beautiful images of your fur kids is my raison d’etre. I want you to always be reminded of how incredibly, regal, funny, and gorgeous they are.

My clients love to decorate their homes with artwork that has special meaning for them. And, well… what has more meaning than artwork featuring your heart dog?

This is an entirely custom experience, first we’ll design your session. Then we’ll create stunning imagery that will speak to your heart. Finally we’ll showcase those images in gorgeous artwork for your to enjoy forever. Because your dog is not just a dog – we’re talking family here!

Hit the button and email, or call me at 905-932-1042. Be sure to mention you’re interested in upgrading your contest session when we speak!