Winery Dogs of Ontario Calendar

My "Winery Dogs of Ontario" 2018 calendar just swooshed to the printer. OH. MY. DOG. This has been a labour of love! A test of my stick-to-itiveness and a barometer for my level of risk aversion. This celebration of dogs in wine...

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Niagara Pet Photography: Saying good-bye to our pets

It was a chilly Valentine's weekend, this past weekend. One that held unexpected sadness for me. Early on Saturday morning I could see that my mountain lion of a cat Gus was definitely not feeling well. Since my vets at Grimsby Animal Hospital are open until noon on...

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Niagara Pet Photography On-Location: Snow!

Pet photography, on-location, is not for the feint of heart, nor the Winter Wuss. Who is MacLean's Magazine calling a Wuss? Well, okay, probably me. I'm not much of a "freeze my butt off" girl at the best of times. Going for a walk and losing all feeling in my thighs...

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Toronto & Niagara Pet Photographer: Top 10 images of 2015

Happy New Year! Incredible that it's already the beginning of another year. 2015 went by so quickly, yikes! I think that 2016 is going to be a big year for Indigo Pet Photography. I'm off to Istanbul in February for 10 days, while there I hope to photograph street...

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Niagara Pet Photography – The many faces of Jasmine

One of the best things about living in Niagara's Wine Country is the abundance of 4-legged beauties that hang out at the local wineries. These images are part of a series of Niagara Wine Dogs that I'm working on, starting with the dogs of Twenty Valley wineries. I...

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