My top 10 gift ideas for dogs and their humans: the 2022 edition.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… because I get to head out to shops and boutiques, and comb the internet for my favourite things. All in order to bring you the top ten picks for my 2022 Pawliday Gift Guide!

My goal is to find things that are predominantly local, but I found a couple of things from further afield that particularly tickled my fancy, so I shared those too!

Hold on to your toques…


1. Vineland Estates: Wine Bottle Stuffy

How fun are these Vineland Wine Bottle stuffies! With one of these, your pup can be the new whine influencer in town. 

Bonus, these are eco-friendly toys with recycled filling, and are squeaker free. A portion of sales even goes to the SPCA! Yay Vineland. 

In addition to the Wine Bottle toys, there’s lots of other dog themed merch that you can splash out on for yourself or your friends (and wine!).

Available at the winery – $19.95

2. and 3. Little Chief & Co.

I found a couple of fabulous gift items from Little Chief on St. Paul in St. Catharines. Well, truth told, I could have done the whole guide with their fun products. 

2. My go-to gifting treats are the Bocce line. They aren’t new, but dogs love them. They are soft and chewy and irresistibly good. New this year though, is this fabulous Christmas cracker packaging. All my favourite four-legged friends are drooling in anticipation!

For the naughtier dogs on your list, go for the Lumps of (delicious) Coal. But follow it up with something more positive sounding, like Figgy Pudding treats, to encourage your pups to aspire to Santa’s “Nice” list! 😉

Bocce Treats

3. The Shark Snuffle Mat, by Injoya. I got one of these for my guys. It’s sure to provide loads of mental stimulation for them in the colder months, when walks are shorter and there’s less time for sniffs. Instead, they’ll be rooting around in the mat for goodies stuffed into the folds and the shark’s teeth.

Fabulously helpful tip from knowledgeable staffer, Grace! I was worried my guys would cut to the chase and chew their way through to the treats. She suggested that I start them off by sprinkling the treats on top in plain sight. Then, gradually move them into more challenging places to snorf them out.

Lucca is at camp today, so I pulled out the mat to see how Indy would do. I can see this is going to be fun. He caught on fast, but I definitely started with Grace’s advice!

Treats range from $8.99 to $12.99
Snuffle Mat is $38.99

dog exploring snuffle mat

4. Pet Portraits by Desirea Stodart

I stumbled across local artist, Desirea Stodart’s work at Little Chief and fell in love with her work. These adorable acrylic portraits are painted from your photograph onto a wood slice. They are incredibly realistic and absolutely fabulous! It may be too late for Christmas, but this is something to definitely keep on your radar. In fact, you can follow her on instagram so you don’t forget! @desireastodartartist

I just adore these little portraits. In the new year I plan to have one painted of my heart dog, Sammy, who passed in 2012.

Contact Desirea for a quote. 

Examples of paintings by Desirea on wood slices

5. Mo’ Greens

One screaming hot day last July, I ran into a founder of Mo’Greens outside a local pet store. I had to admit, his story piqued my curiousity and I wanted to know more. Based in St. Catharines, Mo’ Greens food and treats are all Canadian sourced ingredients and produced in Toronto. They’re the first pet food company in Canada to embrace plant proteins and use them in every recipe.

For the guide, I’m focusing on their yummy, crunchy, bite size treats. They come in 3 formulas, Energize, Longevity and Calm. I buy the Calm and Longevity for the boys (because terriers are not particularly known for needing extra energy LOL). The formulas are plant based, use only 5 ingredients, and are sustainably made. Calm treats are made with Chamomile and Valerian Root to calm and soothe. Longevity contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and joint supporting ingredients, cinnamon and tumeric. I use them for quick rewards and the boys love the crunch.

$10.99 a bag, available on line and in some retailers.

Examples of paintings by Desirea on wood slices

6. 2023 Winery Dogs of Ontario Calendar

Winery Dogs of Ontario Calendar

A shameless plug for my pet project. 

2023 is the fifth edition of the Winery Dogs Calendar! In case you have been under a rock, this calendar features dogs that are bosom buddies with Ontario’s winemakers, vintners, and winery top dogs – each month is guaranteed to bring a smile. 

Need a hostess gift and want to be original? The calendar is 12×12 inches with gorgeous full page images, and lots of space to write on the calendar dates. Dog friendly policies are included for each winery too. This year, a portion of proceeds are donated to Jack Russell Network Canada rescue.

Calendars are available online at They can also be purchased at the wineries listed on the website.

Calendars are $24.95 each

7. BowzerBox

I’ve often though about getting a subscription box, but didn’t want to deal with exchange and duty when ordering from the US. I did a little research and landed on BowzerBox. They’re a Canadian company and have plenty of options for shipments – that’s two big plusses in my books. 

I ordered quarterly shipments and chose the Tough Chew box for the boys. I opted to add an extra toy to each box. That way there will be no disappointed noodles on delivery day. It’ll be arriving any day now!

All treats included are made in Canada or the US, and toys are sourced in North America as well.  (Occasionally they’ll include products or toys from another country if they’re top quality). They strive to support Canadian businesses. So that makes it a home run for BowzerBox!

Different prices. I missed out on this deal, but you can save 25% off the first box with this code when getting a 3 or 6 pack: xmas2022

8. Dog Threads

Forgive me if I’m late to the Dog Threads party, but this Minneapolis company is giving me ALL the feels. Their website is packed with outrageously adorable things for your best friend to wear. And, if you are so inclined, you can match your little (or big!) buddy. I love that they are cool-looking threads, not cheap kitschy stuff.

I adore seeing people have fun with their fur friends and these matching outfits are da bomb! Everything from sweaters and hoodies to flannels, PJs and Hawaiian shirts. Best of all a portion of their sales are donated to rescues!  I’m thinking the boys and I could do matching flannel shirts, or maybe the thermal jammies, and I am not joking LOL.

Different prices. Currently 30% off sitewide. Ships internationally.

Photo is borrowed from website.

9. Modern Dog Mom

Created by a friend and fellow dogtog, Kristy Trick,  Modern Dog Mom offers specially curated, limited edition collections. They’re filled with themed activities for dog moms and their dogs. Each collection includes at least one dog friendly activity. That could be an enrichment game, outdoor adventure idea, crafts, baking, even relaxation activities!

The collections are for dog moms who’d rather share a spa day with their dog than go to a party. Fun, creative, fabulous and, sadly for us, currently only available in the US (but that may change, she’s looking into it). I’m including it here regardless, in case you have a best friend or sister in the US that you‘d love to spoil. It’s an adorable idea that any dog mom would love to receive! 

Holiday Edition Collection $69.95 US

Kristy’s pup Freddy with the fruits of his labour!

10. Canines of London

Canines of London on

If you saw any of my travel images from the UK in May, or Italy in October, you’ll recognize this photographer, Bridget Davey. She’s a hugely talented UK based pet photographer and also a good friend of mine. The images are taken all around the parks, neighbourhoods and landmarks of London. It’s a tour de force of dog photography in this ancient, dog loving city! This page turner will definitely bring a smile on a blustery winter day!

Hardcover edition: $26.99

Canines of London Book cover

I hope the guide provides you with some fresh gift giving ideas for all your four-legged friends (and their two legged companions too) this year.

From my dog house to yours, have a safe, warm, happy Christmas, filled with the pitter patter of paws. I’m truly looking foward to all that 2023 will bring. I hope, for us all, that will include health, happiness and prosperity. Merry Christmas, cheers, and wags from Karen, Indy and Lucca!