They say that bad things come in threes and this week I have to say, was THAT kind of week. Monday, I had to replace my windshield after a meteorite of some sort smashed a gaping hole in it. On Friday I drove to Toronto for a photo session with a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy and BAM! A rock and a not-so-hard-place – my brand spanking new windshield – (note to self, call Speedy Glass after this post). Then when I got home after a long drive in traffic, I went to pull my camera bag out of the car and my gear crashed down, damaging my favourite and oh so cher 24-70mm lens. UGH.

What’s the point of my sad sack tale? The fact that GOOD things actually come in threes as well! You see, last Sunday I met a transport at the Tim’s in Niagara-on-the-Lake to pick up my new foster for JRTRO. A comical looking little 6-8 month old (?) pup with a gorgeous disposition. Not exactly sure what his genetic pool consists of but he’s a beauty. His reaction to Indiana Jones’ (at times) somewhat volatile outbursts is “Dude? What the heck did ya do that for, chill out!”. He hasn’t chased the cat and he adores every single human he meets. As of this morning, I have officially declared my intention to the JRTRO to adopt him, thereby qualifying me to enter a wonderful club that many fosters enter: that of the Foster Failures. I never wanted a puppy, I thought maybe some day we’d add a senior, however, sometimes the universe conspires… and I couldn’t be happier.

Which brings me to THREE! I now have three fur kids. Maybe one day we’ll manage to add that senior to our pack, but that’s a few years off, I have puppy 101 to review.

So the fuzzy wuzzy dog, formerly known as Astro (he comes to us from Texas) is now known as Lucca (my favourite place in the world where I had so many wonderful experiences). His nickname is Luke (as in Skywalker, to keep within the Harrison Ford flick theme!). Welcome to the family sweet boy!

If you are thinking about getting a new pet, please consider this:

1. research the breed thoroughly and be sure that the dog breed/mix that you choose works with YOUR lifestyle and activity level

2. adopt don’t shop, so many animals are euthanized simply because they had the misfortune to live in an area of the world where people selfishly don’t believe in spay and neutering

3. consider a senior dog if you don’t have the time for a puppy, seniors have so much love to give and the time you have with them will change you forever (plus there is no puppy training required!)

4. don’t ever, EVER buy from a non accredited breeder, a pet store or on Kijiji-like sites. These places are where the backyard breeders/puppy mills market their dogs. Until we stop paying them money for their dogs, they will go on creating living hell for too many dogs who will never know love, cleanliness, warmth and a full tummy.

Now, on to a couple of pics of my new baby :