Loveable Lilly!

Recently I drove to Toronto to meet Lilly and her Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario (JRTRO) Foster family. You see, Lilly’s journey is nearly complete, she is ready for adoption.

When I finally managed to get Siri to cooperate and give me proper directions to Lilly’s Foster home (technology, ugh), I gathered up my gear and rang the door bell. I was greeted at the foot of the stairs by a wiggly ball of Jack Russell. Lilly was so excited to see me that she could hardly contain herself. I had such a nice time with Lilly, Brooke and Tim, they clearly adore her. I can see why Lilly is loving life now that she is in foster care! She is now a princess who is waited on hand and foot, lucky girl!

We had our session before it was actually nice enough to want to venture outside, so we all stayed indoors where it was warm and toasty, except for when I saw the fabulous brick wall that I simply had to incorporate into a shot. She worked her angles and was compensated in treats for her super modelling capabilities.

This little angel is a breathe of fresh air. She’s so eager to please and absolutely adores people. She was pretty stoked to discover that my camera bag was full of treats too. Now, she may look like she could stand to lose an lb or two, but she had been pregnant not long before coming into rescue, so some of it will fall off with time. Plus, Tim and Brooke have her on a wee diet and take her for plenty of walks, which she can’t get enough of, she’s a curious little monkey. 

Lilly is only 2-years-old and truly has personality plus, those gorgeous big brown eyes can twist you around her little paw. She’s so charming and has a wonderfully sweet disposition. All I can say is, whoever adopts her will have a very happy companion and will be incredibly lucky to have her in their lives. 

Please check out her petfinder listing for more information or to apply to adopt Lilly; share her with your friends too! Do you think Lilly could be your forever girl?   Lilly was adopted on April 21st! Hooray for Lilly!