Who's behind Indigo

So who is Karen Black?

Hi! I’m Karen Black, I’m a professional pet photographer and the creator of the Winery Dogs of Ontario Calendar. Above are my dynamic duo Indiana Jones and Lucca and we are the faces behind Indigo Pet Photography.

By now you will have guessed that I photograph people’s pets. In fact, I create images for awesome people who are kookoo about their pets!

Let’s face it, you have invested a lot of time, energy, patience and LOVE into your wonderful four-legged beasts. Without your pampering and exceptional care, they wouldn’t have bloomed into the magnificent creatures they are! Those are VIBs! (Very Important Beasts)

My photography reflects how well loved your pets are. Their personality and character will shine through making for imagery that just begs to be displayed in your home, cottage and office. After all, you are a proud parent of a VIB!

Indigo Pet Photography is based in Niagara, but I frequently travel to my clients, whether in the GTA, Guelph, and everywhere in between. Anything is possible.

“Sometimes you never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss

Why choose to work with me?

I have the experience, patience and skills to work with the wily, the distracted, the indifferent, the talkers, the goofballs, and the dreamers. Most of the pets I photograph are anything but posers! I work until I have captured that spirit in images you’ll be thrilled to hang on your walls. Ones that will make you glow inside every time you see them. Because they are a reflection of your love for your pet.

More than 20 years as a graphic designer has helped me to look at photography through the eyes of a story teller. I also attend as many workshops and seminars as I can to fine tune my craft and discover ways to elevate your experience.

My pet project and fundraiser is the wonderfully successful “Winery Dogs of Ontario” calendar. I’m currently working with a new vintage of winery dogs right now for the third year of the calendar – 2021 Winery Dogs of Ontario version! A portion of the proceeds go to animal related charities. Last year I raised $1000 for The Bello Project

Early in 2020, I brought together a group of international pet photographers to participate in a global fundraiser. All proceeds went to Wildlife Victoria to assiste with animals displaced, damaged and orphaned by the Australian bushfires. We raised over $20,000!


Indigo Pet Photography

Mobile: 905.932.1042
29 Montebello Pl.,
St. Catharines
ON, L2R 6B5

Our pets are changing every day, let's capture them in all their glory. I promise to show their spirit with expressive portraits and help create custom artwork solutions to suit your vision – so you’ll always have those memories.

Pet photographer to dogs, cats and horses throughout Niagara, the GTA… and everywhere in between!

Top 10 winner on Hair of the Dog